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You'll Find 2016 Feng Shui Products including the Bagua, Feng Shui Coins, Money Frogs, Windchimes and Bells, Feng Shui Figurines, Wealth Carps and Fishes, Chinese Zodiac Animals, Fengshui Charms and Amulets, Crystal Trees, Coin Money Trees, Fengshui Crystals, Lucky Money Citrine for 2016, Dragon Turtles, Dragon and Phoenix Statues, Special Blessing Remedies, Mandarin Ducks, Feng Shui Keychains, Good Luck Elephants, Kwan-Yin Statues, Kirins (Chi Lins), Protective Guardians, Protective Animals. 

And as well as that, this year we have a whole new range of affordable Feng Shui Consultations for 2016.

Fish    Crystal Trees    Dragons

     Carps and Fishes                         Crystal Money Trees                       Dragons and Phoenix

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Beautiful Angel Star Crystals    Power Fu Dogs    Colorful Mandarin Ducks

     Feng Shui Crystals                     Protective Animals                     Mandarin Ducks
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A Beautiful Trio Arrangement of Money Frogs    Feng Shui Charms and Amulets    A Trio of Prosperity Elephants Holding a Crystal Ball

            Money Frogs                         Charms and Amulets                Prosperity Elephants
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   Guardians and the Beautiful Kwan Yin    Specialized Feng Shui Remedies and Cures    Specialized Amulets and Distinct Problem Solving Feng Shui Cures

             Heavenly Guardians            Special Feng Shui Cures               Problem Solving Cures
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We use Fengshui cures, remedies and enhancers in the Bedroom to enhance Romance and Love. Or you can add Feng Shui Remedies to an area of your home to boost your wealth, improve your Health, create an active and prosperous Workplace or Home Office.


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